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Our annual golf tournament from 7/07/2017

The Annual golf tournament was held at High Cedars Golf Course in Orting, WA. Following the golf were the raffle drawings. Many of the prizes are beautiful, flowering, hanging baskets – always a sought after prize to take home.

The Rules:

Each team member drives from their tee box, men from the white tees, women from the red tees. The best drive is selected, and all other team members pick up their golf balls and move to the best ball location. Team members will hit their next golf shot from the selected best ball location. The rotation to the best ball location will continue until the ball is in the hole. Once a best ball location has been selected, a tee or ball marker will be placed and team members will hit their next shot from within one yard (36 inches) of the marker. Once you’re on the green, the ball will be placed within six inches of the tee or ball marker.

Each team must use three tee drives from each team member.

Three person teams will be allowed to hit a fourth golf shot from each best ball location. Using an established rotation, the team members will take turns executing the fourth golf shot at each best ball location. Three person teams must use four tee drives from each team member. Ties will be decided by evaluating scorecards. Going backwards from the eighteenth hole, the team with the best hole by hole score will win the tie.

This is a handicap tournament. The total of each member’s course handicap will be divided by the number of golfers, 3 or 4, and then multiplied by 0.60. One hundredth of a percentage point will be rounded to the nearest tenth.

Golfers with no established handicap will be assigned a handicap based on their most recent scores, with a handicap of 30 being the highest assigned.